Linea Pack film manufactures PE Stretch film customized with printing up to 6 colors.

Our company has always paid attention for changeable requests on market and since 1998 we manufactured thank to a cast 3 layers Stretch film suitable to satisfy each kind of demand: several recipes, additives, heights, thickness, diameters. Each product can be customized with printing up to a maximum of 6 colors.

Our prompt and flexible production and a well-stocked warehouse guarantee to our customers an excellent service with competitive cost. Our company is environmentally friendly because our product is non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

PE Stretch film:

  • Single-sided glued, slippery, with UV additives and colored
  • With carton core, pre-stretched and ventilated
  • Cutting on rolls available at every height, core and internal/external diameter
  • Printing up to a maximum of 6 colors

Small Rolls
Mini Rolls
Hand Rolls
Pre Stretch