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Linea Pack

Horizontal stretchwrapping machines semi-automatic and automatic machines
We also supply customized packaging equipments: idle roller conveyors and motorized conveyor belts.

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Certaldo (Fi) Via Toscana, 52/54


The new CA model - NO FILL
Avvolgipack 40 and 80 CA stretchwrapping machine by Linea Pack to wrapping products on preformed cardboard trays.
Standard equipped with: self centering roller conveyor to lay down of the carton tray and the product, clamp and cut film device, quick release arbor with double mechanical friction, inverter to adjust speed conveyor /wrapping. outlet motorized roller conveyor and PLC machine with panel board.
All machines are CE compliant.
See more details here: 40CA or 80CA


Wrapping machines for the winding of circular and cylindrical products, particularly suitable for wrapping tires and piles of tires, also with rim mounted. Perfect for winding coils of pipes and cables.
All machines are CE compliant.


The Avvolgipack machines Range 250 use reels from 125 to 250 mm, they are characterized by high productivity and a high level of automation and integration.
All machines are CE compliant.


The Avvolgipack machines Range 125 utilize film reel from 70 to 125, are characterized by high productivity and good value for money.
All Avvolgipack are compliant to CE regulations.