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Linea Pack

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

Linea Pack

Linea Pack designs and manufactures Avvolgipack range, horizontal stretchwrapping machines semi-automatic and automatic machines suitable for a film roll h.125 mm and h.250 mm.
We also supply customized packaging equipments: idle roller conveyors and motorized conveyor belts.

Introduction and milestones

The Linea Pack company was established in 1987 as dealer of different packing machines and stretchfilm wholesaler. In 1990 Linea Pack started up with production of the first horizontal stretchwrapping machines called Avvolgipack. Up to now, Avvolgipack is present on the International market thanks to its characteristics of reliability, adaptability and competitiveness.
Avvolgipack, 100% Italian product, who got a use license in the late '80s, is today a leader on international market too thanks to its characteristics of reliability, adaptability and competitiveness.
In 1998 the company, in continuous development, split up in 2 different companies: Linea Pack Film srl, production cut and printing of stretchfilm. and Linea Pack srl, project and production of Avvolgipack.
During this years, Linea Pack has developed a wide range of machines made to measure on the product to wrap and according to any customer’s needs.


Linea Pack manufactures horizontal stretchwrapping machines, semi-automatic and automatic ones, using filmroll of H. 125mm and H. 250mm. Our production includes also end-of-line systems with roller conveyors or conveyor belts.