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The Group




Our company, which has been present on the market for 30 years in the packaging sector, thanks to the collaboration with qualified and tested suppliers of materials and machinery, has applied itself to become one of the main leaders on the Italian market.


Our flexibility, constant attention to market trends and careful selection of raw materials allow us to develop high quality products at highly competitive prices.


The synergetic work of our team is strongly oriented towards customer satisfaction: our employees are each highly qualified and constantly updating their field of expertise.


Fast turnaround, professionalism and availability, both for installation, repair and maintenance of machinery, and for advice on suitable films for the most diverse requirements.

About us

since 1980


The use of the most technologically advanced plants on the market and the company's innovation process puts LINEA PACK GROUP in the direction of continuous research to discover different products and materials to put on the market.

These choices have led the company today to be able to manufacture products specifically designed for the needs of each individual customer. Based on the requests of our customers, the production staff has achieved the objective of optimising the production processes, considerably reducing the thickness of the material used, while still guaranteeing the same quality and resistance.

With our "thickness saving" philosophy, we are able to bring concrete savings to the customer in terms of the amount of product purchased and consequently from an economic point of view. It should also be noted that another strong point of primary importance that derives from this "philosophy" concerns the "environmental impact". In fact, the considerable saving in the thickness of the material will allow the end customer to put a smaller quantity of plastic material on the market for disposal, thus favouring "environmental protection".

Our locations


since 1987

LINEA PACKThe company, founded in 1987, is proud to have been the first company in Italy to transform stretch PE-LLD film. At the same time, the company also marketed ROBOPAC wrapping machines (world patent for the ROBOT wrapping machine), for which it is still the exclusive dealer in Tuscany. The range of machinery has been expanded over time, together with the staff of technicians and the spare parts warehouse, to ensure that customers always receive prompt and valid technical assistance.

With the experience gained in the first years of business LINEA PACK has designed and patented a new type of horizontal wrapping machine, AVVOLGIPACKwhich revolutionises the concept of wrapping and packaging thanks to its simplicity, versatility and economy. Today the line AVVOLGIPACK line is distributed by the most important Italian and foreign companies in the sector.

Finally, among the various products marketed, the CRYOVAC shrinkable polypropylene stands out as an authorised SEALED AIR distributor.


A long series of experiments characterise the company's activity, which is always committed to guaranteeing its customers the highest standards in terms of quality output; the machinery of Linea Pack Avvolgipack is asked for maximum resistance, versatility and style.

The new production is added to a complete catalogue of all the packaging machines available in the sector for which Linea Pack is an independent distributor: pallet wrappers and box formers; wrapping machines, roller conveyors and conveyor belts, welding machines, printers, vacuum packaging machines for food and industrial use, nailing and stapling machines; air cushion machines; shrink wrapping machines, etc., suitable for many applications in the industry, from food to cosmetics and textiles. Shrinkwrappers use polyolefin to optimise shrinkage.
In addition, Linea Pack is a reseller of all packaging equipment: adhesive tapes, bags and reels, stretch film, polystyrene, pallets, straps.


since 1999

In 1999, the experience gained in the transformation of extensible PE-LLD film led to the company's own production with a CAST 3-layer plant. Always attentive to the changing demands of the market, various products have been implemented: cut, pre-stretched, perforated and printed films in up to 6 colours.

Thanks to our high flexibility and direct supply, from manufacturer to user, we are able to meet any customisation requirement at an extremely competitive price.


since 2017

Building on its success in the production of stretch film, in 2018 the production of two more CAST plants starts in the new plant in Castelfiorentino.

More than 8,000 tons of polyethylene are extruded each year. These are high-performance technological products with the following characteristics: high strength, reduced thickness and consequently lower environmental impact.


since 2011

Elsa pack started in 2011 with the production of low and high density polyethylene film as well as the welding and flexographic printing of bags and reels.


Recent investments in new technologies have allowed us to formulate new products always looking for economic savings and environmental protection. This is the background to our latest innovation, the film produced from raw materials derived from POST CONSUMPTION, which makes it possible to produce new plastic from the end-of-life of packaging without having to produce new plastic.