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Via Toscana 52/54 - 50052 Certaldo (FI) ITALY


Automatic Machine for wrapping products horizontally with stretch film. The height of both belts is adjusted by a handle .
Display control panel that allows the following functions to be programmed:

  • start and end position of winding
  • number of film revolutions at the beginning and end of the cycle
  • type of winding

Bandage programmes:

  • continuous wrapping
  • head - tail wrapping
  • interval wrapping

Automatic film cutting and clamping with double stroke cylineder system; infeed and outfeed conveyors for product handling. Inverter for adjusting the speed of the ring and conveyor belts, pneumatic inlet and outlet top pressures for product holding. Easy and quick reel change

Weight (KG) - 390
Machine drive - Automatic
Infeed/outfeed roller conveyor length (mm) - 660
Belt speed min/max (m/min) - 4-12
Max. compressed air consumption (l/ml) - 3.3
Litres/cycle - 0.55
Maximum roll diameter (mm) - 150
Film width (min. - max.) (mm) - 70-125
Cardboard core internal diameter (mm) - 42-38
Polyethylene film thickness (μm) - 15-40
Speed of rotation of fifth wheel (rpm) - 30-140
Machine power supply (Volts) - 220/230