Shrink wrapping machines

Micra M-L Manual angular chamber packaging machines that allow, in a single operation, the sealing and the shrinking of the film on the product to be packaged.
Pack 5040 M/A Manual and semi-automatic packaging machines that combine excellent performance with ease of use for low and medium production of items belonging to various product categories.
Athena combi 6555 Automatic corner packaging machines with integrated tunnel. They offer great versatility and precision with regard to the packaging process of the various articles.

Angular bell-shaped packers, automatic angular packers, shrink tunnels, automatic and semi-automatic shrinkwrappers. The various series are aimed at all market segments, depending on the customer's needs, such as the production required or the type of product to be packaged. Both "entry level" and higher performance machines can be found.

Packaging machines have a wide range of applications in the food, graphic, chemical, cosmetic, audiovisual, electronic, pharmaceutical, toy, textile and other sectors.