Machines for wrapping products horizontally with stretch film with automatic film cutting and hooking with an exclusive double-stroke system, inverter for adjusting the speed of the turntable, steel idle roller conveyor at the entrance and exit and manual product handling.

Display control panel interfaceable with existing lines; synchronised working height adjustment. Quick reel change with mechanical clutch for film tensioning.

For low products they are equipped with a cutting system positioned under the belt to reduce the film tail at the end of the wrapping process.

Weight (KG) - 500
Machine drive - Foot pedal
Roller conveyor inlet/outlet length (mm) - 500
Max. compressed air consumption (l/ml) - 0.75
Litres/Cycle - 0.15
Maximum roll diameter (mm) - 200
Film width (min. - max.) (mm) - 70-125
Cardboard core internal diameter (mm) - 42-38
Polyethylene film thickness (μm) - 15-40
Speed of rotation of slewing ring (rpm) - 20-60
Machine power supply (Volts) - 220/230


Machine dimensions
W.1950 x H.2250 x L.1450mm