Machine for wrapping, by means of stretch film, round-shaped products, in particular tyres or tyre stacks also with mounted rim. The product is held in position and rotated by the operator. The standard reel has an internal diameter (core) of 42 mm but can optionally be 38 mm). Standard equipment:

  • infeed and outfeed planes with infeed rollers and inclined rollers for product rotation, the operator has a close area to facilitate holding the pack.
  • without a system for hooking and cutting the film by the operator
  • quick-connect reel spindle with double mechanical clutch
  • inverter for varying the winding speed
  • swivel wheels for easy handling
  • PLC controlled with control panel close to the operator

Product base diameter mm X max. height mm
1000 x 450
800 x 600
600 x 700
400 x 750
200 x 750

Minimum recommended height 200 mm if the diameter of the product base is less than 600 mm.
It is still possible to wrap a very low product with a small base with little film tension.