Machine for wrapping ring-shaped products, hanks of tube, hanks of wire, etc. in a toroidal manner (inside - outside) by means of stretch film.

Manual loading in vertical position with automatic product rotation.

Machine equipped with:
- sealing and product rotation units, easily adjustable mechanically and pneumatically
- film hooking and cutting system
- quick coupling spindle with mechanical clutch
- inverter for varying the rotation/winding speed (loop overlap)
- safety barrier photocells on product infeed and outfeed

PLC controlled machine with operator panel through which they can be configured:

-speed of rotation of the winding wheel
-speed of product rotation
-number of turns at the beginning and end of the process
-diameter of the hank, from which the rotation required for total product coverage is calculated
-selectable operator language

Digital Memory" function (standard), by means of which it is possible to save the different working recipes for the various types and sizes of products on 10 memory locations.

Technical characteristics:
Push button cycle start
Power supply 200/240 Vac single-phase/biphase
Pneumatic supply 6 bar

Usable film :
15 to 30 microns, width 75 to 125 mm (depending on the minimum internal diameter of the product)
maximum outer reel diameter 100 - 140 mm (depending on the minimum inner diameter of the product)
core reel internal diameter 42 mm (optional 38 mm)

depending on diameter, 1 to 3 packs per minute.

The basic set-up provides for batch production, with manual setting of the outer diameter of the hank, which is not standard.

Minimum internal diameter 200 mm

Maximum outer diameter 900 mm, minimum outer diameter 300 mm

Maximum hank height 300 mm