Fully automatic wrapping machines, equipped at the inlet with a Total Closesealing unit, suitable for product lines where a high production speed is required; equipped with PLC and multilingual display, with all machine parameters programmable by the user (possibility of customised programming).

These machines are characterised by high productivity, with automatic product handling and integration into the line cycle; all the machines are equipped with a standard queue sealing unit for hooking, cutting and sealing the film tail.

The Total Close sealing unit covers the product longitudinally for perfect head and tail sealing. It uses film reels in Extensible Polyethylene (PE) and, for greater impact protection, there is a version in Pluriball and Espanso (length 1500 mm).

Equipped with a display control panel that allows the following functions to be programmed:

  • start and end position of winding;
  • number of film revolutions at the beginning and end of the cycle;
  • special functions on request.

Wrapping programmes: 1) continuous, 2) head-to-tail and 3) interval wrapping.

The Avvolgipack 105A TC are equipped with an interface for perfect in-line, stack separation, downstream and upstream management.

The standard equipment also includes aninverter for adjusting the belt speed and the turntable, a rapid reel change with mechanical clutch for film tensioning, and self-adjustable inlet and outlet pressures for product sealing.

Machine dimensions
W.1680 x H.2370 x L. n.d mm