The AP600G AIR CUSHION PRODUCTION SYSTEM FILLING AND PROTECTING is fast, innovative and economical. Suitable for small and large spaces.

Our air cushions are ideal both for protecting delicate objects and for filling empty spaces. The wide range of available formats and thicknesses makes it possible to solve all packaging requirements.

Our systems can be integrated with distribution facilities that help operators to always have the product at hand.

The packaging is 99% air and the polyethylene used is 100% recyclable.

We also offer films made from post-consumer recycled material. Recycled plastic is defined as from POST CONSUMPTION when the product, in the form of packaging or a finished object, fulfils the task for which it is produced and is delivered, through separate collection, to mechanical recycling plants, to create new raw material in a sort of continuous circularity with low environmental impact.

In addition to this, air cushions allow a reduction in storage space by up to 99%.

The air cushions created with the AP600G AIR CUSHION PRODUCTION SYSTEM FILLING AND PROTECTION provide perfect protection for a wide range of items, even the most fragile.



They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can safely ship your fragile and odd-shaped items. You will prevent the objects inside the box from moving or colliding with the sides of the container and protect them from external impacts during transport. Air cushions, also called AIR CUSHIONS OR AIR PILLOWS, are tear and puncture resistant, while being very thin and light to minimise costs. Thanks to this minimalist construction, 99% of the cushion consists of air and 1% of plastic. Air cushions are therefore economical and environmentally friendly at the same time. They are 100% recyclable and can also be purchased in a POST-CONSUMPTION version. That is, in plastic from urban recycling, for an even lower environmental impact.



One of the biggest advantages of using our AP600G AIR CUSHION PRODUCTION SYSTEM FILLING AND PROTECTION is the volume of the reels. The space required for storage is negligible compared to bubble wrap or polystyrene chip packaging. Cushions are only produced by the machine when needed. It is also modest in size and can be placed on a table or on the counter of the packing and filling station.



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