Fully automatic wrapping machines suitable for products where higher production speed is required; equipped with PLC and multilingual display, with all machine parameters programmable by the user (possibility of customised programming).

Characterised by high productivity, with automatic product handling and integration into the line cycle.

All the machines are equipped with an interface for perfect in-line, pack separation, downstream and upstream management. They are equipped with a standard code se aling unit for hooking, cutting and sealing the tail of the film, they can be equipped with a total close type sealing unit at the infeed. The sealing unit works with 1500 mm long rolls of stretch film and bubble wrap.

Display control panel that allows the following functions to be programmed:

  • start and end position of winding;
  • number of film revolutions at the beginning and end of the cycle;
  • special functions on request.

Wrapping programmes: 1) continuous, 2) head - tail and 3) interval wrapping.

They are equipped with inverters for adjusting the belt speed and for adjusting the turntable speed, rapid reel change with mechanical clutch for film tensioning and self-adjusting inlet and outlet pressures for product sealing.

Electrical power supply - Three-phase 380/400V+N - Single-phase 220/240V
Installed power Kw - 2,5
Air supply - 6 bar
Compressed air consumption (litres/cycle) - 2.5
Max. compressed air consumption (litres/ml) - 10
Machine weight (KG) - 800ca
Slewing speed min-max (rpm) -20-100
Conveyor belt speed min-max -8-24
Conveyor belt width (mm) - 1400
Length of conveyor belts (mm) - 760
Winding film thickness (μ/m) - 15-35
Winding film width min-max (mm) - 125-250
Max. winding reel diameter (mm) - 230
Reel core internal diameter (mm) - 76
Film tail cutting and sealing - Standard
Cold cut with blade - Optional


Machine overall dimensions
W.1980 x H.2690 x L.1970mm